Publications and Preprints

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    Books (authored/edited)         

    1. Mordell-Weil lattices (with T. Shioda)
      to appear in Ergebnisse der Mathematik und ihrer Grenzgebiete, 3. Folge

    2. Calabi-Yau Varieties: Arithmetic, Geometry and Physics (with R. Laza, N. Yui)
      Fields Institute Monographs, Vol. 34, x + 547 p., Springer (2015)

    3. Algebraic and Complex Geometry (with A. Frühbis-Krüger, R. Kloosterman)
      Springer PROMS 71, xii + 319 p., Springer (2014)

    4. Arithmetic and Geometry of K3 Surfaces and Calabi-Yau Threefolds (with R. Laza, N. Yui)
      Fields Institute Communications, Vol. 67, xxvi + 602 p., Springer (2013)

      Notes and Supplements         

        Hecke eigenvalues of certain Hilbert modular forms [pdf]
        supplementing the paper 'Hilbert modularity of some double octic Calabi--Yau threefolds' with S. Cynk and D. van Straten

        Explicit matrices supplementing the paper 'Dynamics on supersingular K3 surfaces' [pdf]

        K3 families of high Picard rank [pdf]
        unpublished note, joint with N. D. Elkies

        Enriques surfaces and jacobian elliptic K3 surfaces [pdf]
        Oberwolfach Report OWR 2010-46 (Mini-Workshop Higher Dimensional Elliptic Fibrations)

        Table of eigenvalues of a Hilbert modular form [txt]
        supplementing the paper "Modularity of the Consani-Scholten quintic" with Luis Dieulefait and Ariel Pacetti

        MAGMA scripts supplementing the computations in section 6 and section 7 of paper "Lines on Fermat surfaces" with T. Shioda and R. van Luijk

        A modular Calabi-Yau threefold with CM by \Q(\sqrt{-23}) (with S. Cynk)   [pdf]
        Supplement to the paper "Generalised Kummer constructions and Weil restrictions" with S. Cynk

      Addenda & Corrigenda         

        [RS] Proposition 7.1 in the published version needs an extra assumption, as pointed out by Tomasz Szemberg and Davide Veniani: if any three coplanar lines meet in a single point, then the residual line also contains this point (see the latest arXiv version)

        [vGS] In 1.8, \theta[10//10]^4 should be \theta[01//10]^4 [brought up by Kenji Koike]

        [HS1] In 3.4, just below (5), the rational elliptic surface arising as a quotient will have zero or one multiple fibre (and possibly no section) [pointed out by Hisanori Ohashi]

        [SSh2] In Theorem 5.1, the elliptic surface ought to be sufficiently general in order to be determined by its discriminant (cf. Heckmann, Looijenga: The moduli space of rational elliptic surfaces, Advanced Studies in Pure Math. 36, Algebraic Geometry (Azumino 2000), 185-248) [pointed out by Nick Katz]

        [LSY] The proof of Lemma 4 tacitly uses that we have h^{2,0}=1 for a K3 surface.

        [Archiv] In 6.2, the case v_0(Delta) = 21 corresponds exactly to c = sqrt(e).

        [ST] One summand of B in Section 2 ought to be 15t^4.


        Hecke eigenforms and the arithmetic of singular K3 surfaces
        [Abstract, thesis]